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Over 50 Years... Proven Results

ACOG Herbal Master Body and Colon Cleanse was developed from close training, coaching and experience from The Late Herbal Legend Dr. Alvenia M. Fulton N.D. Ph.D


ACOG's History

  • Formulation and Creation
    The ACOG formula was created based on close training, coaching and influence from the Late Herbal Legend Dr. Alvenia M. Fulton N.D., Ph.D . Dr. Fulton founded The Fultonia Health & Fasting Institute and also opened the first health food store in South Chicago. The ACOG formula combines over 30 herbs to provide superior support to the body’s digestion and elimination process which was one of Dr. Fulton’s main concerns for a person’s health. As one of the early pioneers in the field of health and nutrition, Dr, Fulton persevered (often ridiculed and scorned in the early years) to become one of the world’s foremost authorities in the natural health food industry.
  • About Dr. Alvenia M. Fulton N.D., Ph.D
    A longtime advocate of the benefits of fasting, Dr. Fulton has authored several books and publications including; The Fasting Primer, The Nutrition Bible, and a collaboration with one of her most famous pupils, Comedian / Activist Dick Gregory, Vegetarianism; Fact or Myth? Her words have inspired thousands to become more health conscious and avoid crippling diseases without drugs and medication through therapeutic fasting and corrective nutrition. Recognized for her pioneering work, she is known as “The Queen of Nutrition” and “Dietician to The Stars” for the countless athletes, movie and television celebrities who sought out her guidance on how to live better the natural way. Dr. Fulton’s Colon & Body Cleanse (powder and capsules) and Dr. Fulton’s Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel Beverage were two of her most popular products. The ACOG Herbal Master Body and Colon Cleanse and Whole leaf Aloe Vera 10,000x concentrated juice are based on these formula concepts and are a continuation of her teachings and legacy. The ACOG Body and Colon Cleanse formula is a formula concept used for over 50 years to provide support and nutrition to the body’s major functions like digestion, metabolism and elimination. These are the concepts that Dr. Fulton shared with us so passionately. This formula was created based on very close training and coaching from the late Dr. Alvenia M. Fulton in efforts to continue her teachings of the importance of good nutrition, a healthy colon and taking better care of ourselves naturally.

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